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Rules of Survival Hack

Best Rules Of Survival Hacks

Hack Features


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    Enable Aimbot
  • check
    Visibility Checks
  • check
    Auto Aimbot
  • check
    Ping Correction
  • check
    FPS Corection
  • check
    Field of View
  • check
    BulletDrop Correction
  • check
    BulletSpeed Correction
  • check
    Activation Key
  • check
    Lock-On Message
  • check
    Stick to Target


  • check
    Player ESP
  • check
    Enable ESP
  • check
    Dead Body ESP
  • check
    Vehicle ESP
  • check
    Name ESP
  • check
    Box ESP
  • check
    Health ESP
  • check
    Item Drop ESP


  • check
    Player Invisible Color
  • check
    Player Visible Color
  • check
  • check
    Load Settings
  • check
    Save Settings
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    Resize Menu
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    Move Menu

The mobile gaming industry is in constant growth. So much that it's estimated to reach over half of the global gaming market. This booming trend gives us billions of gaming choices. Some of these games are great, some are average, and others not so much. In any case, they're all creating a huge interest worldwide.

One of these great games which belong in the Battle Royale category that is extremely popular right now (and for a good reason) is Rules of Survival or RoS. Because of this popularity, I’m going to give you the much-wanted Rules of Survival hack that will help you extract the maximum from your gaming experience.

What is Rules of Survival (RoS)?

Rules of Survival is a 120-player Battle Royale mobile game which is available on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game was published and released by NetEase in November 2017, and since then, over a hundred million people have started playing it. RoS is free to download and play and requires Internet Access.

Essentially, the game works by placing up to 120 players on an adventurous terrain to fight each other until one man is the last one standing – the winner.

The game takes place on an island where you’ll be air-dropped without any weapon, armor or vehicle to move around. You can jump with a parachute and decide where to fall. In order to survive, you must quickly get equipped with these essentials and continue to upgrade your character.

A word of advice for everyone who’s new at this game – be careful where you land. If you decide to land at the center, you’ll have to act very quickly to arm yourself and start the action right away. Sometimes, inexperienced players don’t even manage to get a weapon or an armor before they’re eliminated.

For beginners, a better strategy might be to land a bit further on the outskirts of the map, allowing yourself the time to find weapons, armor, and ammo and slowly work your way towards the center.

You can strategize by staying away from all the action for a while, but eventually, you’ll have to join in on it because otherwise the game itself will “damage” you. You are dealt damage when you stay out of the circle which is constantly shrinking. Either you stay out of it, and you're damaged, or you go into it and join in on all the action.

The map of the game is 8x8km with possibilities to have an overview from a bird’s eye perspective as well as from the ground. Even though at first, the whole island might seem deserted, people are hiding all over trying to take you down. Thus, the player needs to be careful of hiding places, shadows, rooftops, windows, abandoned buildings, etc.

The main goal of the game is, of course, to win. However, this might not be possible at first, so it's good to aim just to stay alive as long as possible. Doing this will strengthen your character.

No matter how you choose to play, don’t underestimate the power of strategic waiting and planning. Sometimes, it’s better to let the rest of the players eliminate each other and then move on to fight, rather than getting killed first.

And finally, you can either choose to defeat the other players solo or create and enter with a team of 4 people to help you. However, if you eventually reach the end, forget your team and take them out, because the game can only have one true winner!

Overall, Rules of Survival has no specific rules, so you’re allowed to do whatever you need to survive

Best Private Rules of Survival (RoS) Hack?

The best RoS hack (the same goes for all other game hacks) has to be chosen carefully. First of all, you need to take these following things into consideration:

  • You will have to do a good amount of research and read reviews on different hacks
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    The hack shouldn't be outdated
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    The hack might contain viruses
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    Hacking the game might get you banned
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    The hack might simply not work
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    The hack can be poorly developed and disrupt the way in which the game acts
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    It will be easier to find hacks for PC versions of the game than for the mobile versions

The first thing you need to know is that you will need to read user’s reviews and do a fair amount of research to figure out which hacks work and which don’t.

Secondly, the hack you decide to use should always be up-to-date. Using old and outdated hacks might be dangerous for a couple of reasons. First, the hack might simply not work because the developer disabled those features. And second, NetEase is probably aware of a hack that’s been around for a while, which can result in your account getting suspended or banned.

In order to prevent such unfortunate things, always use hacks on a separate account, and keep your real account clean. Like this, if your “hacking” account gets banned, you can still play on your real account without the help of hacks.

Next, make sure that the hack actually works and is not just a virus. These viruses that come with game hacks can cause serious damage to your device.

And finally, always expect that some hacks might not be well-developed and might make the game act differently or weirdly.

Staying alive in this game’s matches can be a tough challenge. That’s why I’m here to give you a Rules of Survival hack, as well as Rules of Survival cheat, ways to help you reach the top.

One great private Rules of Survival hack is the Wallhax’s hack which includes ESP, Aimbot, 2D Radar, Settings and Misc controls, and the protection of staying undetected by Game Client. As an additional plus, you will also enjoy their Rules of Survival gold hack which will let you gather thousands of gold coins as well as the famous chicken dinner.

In any case, the best Rules of Survival hack is definitely the Aimbot together with ESP Wallhacks.

This Rules of Survival hack is developed for playing the PC game, and won’t work on your mobile version of the game.

To gather as many weapons as possible, you can use their item drop and dead player ESP which is helped by taking out players with their 3D player ESP and lock-on Aimbot.

The 3D ESP will allow you to see your opponents’ nametags, 3D boxes, and health. Equipped with this information, you can decide if you want to hide from them or take them out and eliminate them.

Next, you’ll be able to find your vehicle with the vehicle ESP, which will help you move faster around the island and avoid or chase your competitors. These and many more hacks are available with the Wallhax hack.

On the other hand, if you wish to get free coins in the RoS game, The Rules of Survival Hack is the cheat you need. The Rules of Survival Hack will let you generate resources online, by a simple login process. Then, the free coins should be visible in your account gathering over a one hour period.

However, this cheat has a human verification process, which requires you to first complete an offer. This practice has caused doubts in many players regarding its validity.

Is Hacking Legal in RoS?

Technically, hacking in RoS is not legal and can get you banned from the game, after which it might be difficult to retrieve your account. Using a Rules of Survival cheat can often be detected by NetEase.

Many RoS accounts have already been banned from this game because of attempting to use hacks or cheats. Using these things promotes an unfair gaming experience which disrupts the enjoyment of other players. The development team of this game has announced on multiple occasions that they have introduced and implemented many anti-hacking measures which are constantly improved and upgraded.

In order to prevent problems with the gaming company and keep your account in good standing, you have two available options:

  • Use hacks on separate account (not your original one) or,
  • Don't use hacks at all 

Using a separate account for RoS hacks and cheats might work because when this account is banned, you still have your original one. However, sometimes what can happen is that they ban your IP address. When this happens, the only option you have is to try and reset your router and get a new IP address.

If you don’t want to go through all of these complications and risk getting permanently banned from RoS, avoid using hacks and instead, stick to some rules that can help you improve your game performance.

Rules of Survival Tips & Tricks

  • Pick the best location to get air-dropped, such as the roof of a house. There, you can collect all the weapons and armor. Next, go in a room of the house, always keeping an eye out for enemies
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    Try to land further from the center or the circle in order to have time to get equipped with armor and weapons before battling your enemies
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    Adjust your controls for RoS to your preferences so that you have a better chance of winning
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    RoS has a circle (the inside of a safety zone) that continuously shrinks as the game match progresses. When you’re outside of this circle, you receive damage. But, this can all be used to your advantage. Position yourself strategically at the inner edge of the circle and hide behind an object. There, you will find many enemies running inside the circle with full speed, from fear of getting damaged by staying outside of it. These enemies will create a lot of noise, so it will be a great chance for you to eliminate them
  • Speaking of noise, you should know that sound plays an incredibly useful role in Rules of Survival. When you pay attention to the sound of the game, you can literally hear the footsteps of your opponents and decide if you want to run away or go after them. Using quality headphones is an essential rule if you wish to get far in this game
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    Stay within the circle borders! Needless to say, you don’t want to receive damage from staying outside of the circle
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    Choose good weapons such as Shotguns and Rifles, and make sure that they’re always full
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    Make it a habit to close the door behind you when you enter the room so that you can hear when an enemy tries to enter
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    And finally, if you see two, three or more opponents approaching, don’t forget to use a grenade

Rules of Survival Aimbot

Do you feel like you don't have a chance in Rules of Survival matches? Are other opponents constantly destroying you? Do you wonder how someone can be so good?

Well, they probably aren’t.

For anyone who’s been playing games for a long time, the Aimbot will practically be the best Rules of Survival hack. Aimbot is short from Aiming Bot, which says a lot on its own.

The Aimbot hack is used in all shooting games where the player needs to focus and pinpoint their target with incredible accuracy. This is an amazing advantage which will assure that each bullet hits your aim.

As I’ve said before, you can also choose to hide and avoid the battlefield for some time. After that, the safe zone will start shrinking, and you will eventually be forced to get in on all the action. And this is precisely the point when you'll be glad you're using a Rules of Survival hack. 

The way in which Aimbots work is by automatically aiming and shooting each opponent in sight or around you. They scan the surroundings and detect when a player is present.

How you choose to configure your Aimbot will depend on the weapon you choose to use. Some weapons are more effective with fires in the head, while others will be better when used on the body or limbs.

The most effective weapons to use with an Aimbot are assault rifles, as well as snipers, machine pistols, shotguns, and regular pistols – in that order.

The Aimbot hack works best when combined with ESP or Wallhacks. The ESP will allow you to scan the environment and find all the enemies around you. Next, the Aimbot will help you eliminate these enemies with great focus and precision. These two hacks together can help you win many matches and stay on top of your game.

One final thing to consider if you’ve decided to use the Aimbot hack is to be careful how you use it. Don’t pull off too many stunts and kills that are visibly and obviously impossible. Yes, the point of an Aimbot is indeed to target and shoot your enemies with accuracy, but you need to make sure that it looks as natural as possible. Make it look like you’re just good at this game, instead of getting unbelievable and unrealistic shots. Unrealistic shots are a solid reason why people get banned from Rules of Survival.


All in all, Rules of Survival is an incredibly advanced game which gained popularity due to its uniqueness. A mobile game which allows up to 120 people to play against each other is not something we see often.

When playing Battle Royale-type of games, remember that strategy and tactics are everything. Think and learn from your mistakes and constantly improve your character. 

Finally, using a Rules of Survival hack can also help you gain some advantage in this game, whether it’s by Aimbots, Wallhacks, Gold Coins generators or a combination of them all. However, remember that hacks and cheats always come with some risk, either in the form of viruses or getting banned from the gaming company.

I hope that this Rules of Survival Hack guide has been helpful for all of you who are interested in playing this game as well as all of you who are looking for ways to become better at it.